Tourblog (11) - Concert review in Oor

I was very pleased to learn that a person from the Dutch music magazine OOR was present at the gig in Zoetermeer, and this is his review: (I translated it in English).
In comparison with the previous concert of NEAL MORSE CODE at De Boerderij (26 May 2007) the band almost remained the same (only leadgitarist Elisa Krijgsman have returned in the band instead of Paul Bielatowicz). However, the set list has been refreshed with a number of songs from Lifeline, his most recent cd, completed with a number of old favorites.
Dressed in a celestial white shirt, Morse welcomes the public in an extremely pleasant manner – as radiates everything what he does in sympathy for the big audience. The 48 year old American lets us know that we, in contrast to the previous concert in De Boederij, will not get to hear a complete concept album simply because Lifeline is no concept album. That does not mean that there are no prog-epics on the list, like the opener At The End Of The Day (from the Spock Beard-period). From behind its keyboard, an enthusiastic Morse leads its Dutch band, where he jumps up and down like a happy child. Then two songs of Lifeline follow. Firstly the aggressive and passionate Leviathan, following some rest to the ears with the acoustic The Way home,with very good background vocals.
Then much guitar violence in the Author Of Confusion/I Am The Guy, with a brilliant role for drummer Collin Leijenaar, the Dutch Mike Portnoy, who makes his debut as a singer in the Gentle Giant-like vocal part. The acoustic interlude, the folky That Crutch, is followed by the highlight of the evening: the titeltrack of the most recent album of Morse. Almost a half hour progrock of the highest level.  Unfortunately in the first place the acoustic guitar in Walking On The Wind is not heard, but the technical problem is rapidly solved, so that this of Beware or Darkness originating Spock Beard-song is nevertheless saved. Son Will is drummed up for the sentimental duet Cradle To The Grave, which is followed in a grandiose manner with the conclusion of the set list with a big medley of the Question mark album. You can really see that three evenings on the Dutch podia have forged the band up to a strong entity. In the encore, which lets Jessica Koomen shine vocally, Morse does not forget his Transatlantic-past. The audience goes berserk when Morse takes the seat behind Leijenaars kit and proves, besides being a talented keyboardist and gitarist, to be also a gifted drummer. A memorable evening.

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