2015! Bring it on!

A new year already! Last year my website was hacked, attacked so many times, that I had to rebuild a website from scratch. So I lost a lot of posts. Luckily I was able to get everything up until 2014 back online. I’m happy I was able to recover the Neal Morse Tour, Transatlantic Whirlwind Tour and the Mixing Affector blogs. Well, we will just pick things up from here 😉
What have I been up to? Mainly I am working on my music schools. We expanded to three schools now and we’re working on opening 3 other music schools in The Netherlands in the coming months. Exciting stuff!
Musically 2014 was an interesting year. I’m still battling my carpal tunnel syndrome in both my wrist, but due to chiropractic therapy my wrists are improving. But that did not keep me from recording new music for several artists.
I’ve been asked to join in on the debut album of US singer Eva Kathryn. I’m playing a few songs on that album. The drums on the other songs have been recorded by Marco Minneman. Awesome!
I also joined in on a fund-raiser project for The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to save baby elephants from being killed. Kristoffer Gildenlöw (ex-Pain Of Salvation) wrote a special song for that and I recorded the drum parts. It’s a fun, playful song. Can’t wait to hear the end result. As soon as I am allowed, I’ll put it up my website, so you can all hear it.
I also played on a song written by Bill Evans (Flying Colors) called Beyond Me. Sung by Jake Livgren (nephew of Kerry Livgren of Kansas). Awesome voice! My friend and fellow Affector Daniel Fries played acoustic guitar. Bill played keys, guitars and bass. It’s a nice song, that will be released for free soon. I’ll keep you updated on that!
Yes! Finally I will be back on the road. In May I will be touring with Paul Bielatowicz, Dave Bainbridge & Dave Brons as part of the GB3 Tour. It’s going to be an evening of virtuoso guitarplgaying, so that’s nice! The firsts dates are confirmed, and others will be confirmed in the coming weeks. You can find the info under Tour Dates.
Collin_Leijenaar_Dave_Bainbridge_Celestial_FireDid you already bought Celestial Fire by Dave Bainbridge? If not, please do so now! It’s an awesome album, and it contains my best drum recording to date. We would love to tour with this band! And you can help by buying the album. If enough albums have been sold, we can get promotors interested to start booking us. You can order the album (digital or CD) here: http://www.iona.uk.com/albums/detail/id/33/celestial-fire
All for now! I’ll be back with more exciting news soon!

About the author
I am drummer of the Dutch post-prog band Dilemma (http://www.dilemma.band) and drummer and founder of the progressive rock/metal band Affector (www.affectormusic.com).As a musician I made a name in the progressive rock scene as drummer, bandleader and tour manager of the progressive rock legend Neal Morse (Transatlantic / Flying Colors / ex-Spock’s Beard). With him and a lot of other acts, I toured the world and recorded many best-selling CD's. I own a music studio and label, where I record, produce and release my own music and other bands & artists.Next to being a musician, I am an entrepreneur since the age of 19. I started 4 businesses. My main company is Novae Popschool (www.popschool.eu). A modern music school with multiple locations throughout The Netherlands.As musician, producer, teacher, author and entrepreneur I work with a mission: "I help musicians create and develop their own musical singularity, through which they will have a more successful and more fulfilling life. It is my mission to contribute to a more socially, loving and caring society through the power of music and modern music education.Rock on!
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