Day 4 - NAMM day 2

Woke up after a great nights rest, had a nice Starbucks Chai Latte and a croissant, some nice quality iPad-Skype chat session with Jessica and off to the second day of NAMM. I had to be early in there, as the people from The Kelly SHU wanted to shoot a little video of me promoting their products. As I had an exhibitor’s badge I was able to get in before the floor opened up to the public, and that was great to be able to speak with some of my endorser companies before mayhem appeared. Shot the video for Kelly SHU, another one for Vater Percussion and had a great time looking at all the new gear, get inspired for the coming investments in my studio, check a new Vater drum stick I will use, and just had a lot of fun. At the end of the day I teamed up with Rich and his wife and daughter & friends who where at the NAMM all day today. And after an Ihop diner and a great chat with some musicians I finally arrived back here at the studio around 2:30 am. LOOOONG day.
Time for bed! Below a few pics I took at NAMM today.

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