Day 1 - travel

Today is day one of my LA mixing adventure. I’m really stoked about this trip. It’s going to be great to be in LA, but probably I won’t see much of the area, as we will be working all day.  It’s now around 9 am, I’m sitting in the train on my way to the airport. I got a copy of the album master disc with me, and in 2 weeks from now, when I will be making this trip in reverse, I will be carrying our masters. I really can’t wait!
The album will be mixed by Rich Mouser at his studio The Mouse House. He is known for his mixing work for Oleander, Neal Morse, Transatlantic, Spock’s Beard, Dream Theater and many others. I am looking forward to hear his magic come to life with our recordings.
At the airport now, only to find out that my first flight has been delayed for 1,5 hours. Luckily I have a three hour layover at London Heathrow, so still plenty of time to get to the connecting flight. Well…. I got some time to kill here, so I’m sitting getting some work done for my music school.
In London waiting to board the Air New Zealand flight NZ001 to LAX. I was able to get an upgrade to Premium Economy. For those who don’t know these flights of Air New Zealand, that is not just an upgrade so you got 5 cm more legroom, no it is almost like business class. So I’m VERY happy :).
I was afraid that with these strict security checks these days, that it would be tight. So I ran through the airport like crazy, only to find out that there was hardly anyone there, so I flew trough security, and now have to kill more than an hour before we can board this flight. Aha, here we go! See you at the other side of the pond!
Arrived in LA safe and sound. Man, that Premium Economy is really something! Those Space Seats are off the planet! And they take really good care of you. I can advice everyone flying to LA to take this airline! The inflight food is normally nothing special, even terrible most of the time. But not on this flight. A full 3-course meal with the finest choice of wines from New Zealand.


A very nice in-flight 3-course meal

Last time I was here in LA (Transatlantic Whirld tour 2010) it took me almost 1,5 hours to go through security. But not today, from the moment I walked out of the plane, until I was outside on the street waiting for Rich to pick me up took only about 25 minutes. Insane! Someone really wants me here 😉 Had to wait long on Rich though, as I told him to not be too early as getting through customs would take a lot of time. A quick stop at the super market to buy food, drinks and other stuff for the studio, and finally I arrived in the outskirts of LA, in a place called Altadena. It’s in the northern part of LA and at the foot of the mountains surrounding the LA area. Beautiful and very quit area. As I have been up now for almost 25 hours, it’s time to go to sleep. First day done, and it was a loong one!
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