Third gig: Colos-Saal - Aschaffenburg (DE)
31 mei 2007 

Third gig: Colos-Saal - Aschaffenburg (DE)

Hello there! Here we are again. The concert is just finished and I am still steaming in the hotelroom now. It is late (again…). Man, it was hot in Colos-Saal. But I really enjoyed this gig. The audience was killer! The venue was great. And I think we played great also. Still there are some hickups here and there, but to learn 3 hours of music in such a short time… well that comes with the territory.
There where also some minor technical problems, but that would not kill the joy of playing! Man, during Sola Scriptura where Henk plays his Tron-sample, his sampler malfunctioned. It played only 2 seconds of the whole sample. And as he was playing by him self… welll nothing happened. So he tried again, and again just 2 seconds. Neal decided that the audience should sing that choir part, and they did. Hilarious! It was also nice to meet (some) of you in Aschaffenburg. I red that some of you found it a bit too loud, but hey it’s a rock concert  😉
! I talked with the technicians about it and the major problem was the acoustics of the room.  It had totally no sound-absorption, just concrete walls. The high frequency’s where not absorbed, and thus where bouncing in the room. So that made it to loud if you where in the front of the room. Especially my way too loud cymbals (I am waiting on new ones) are real earbleaders with those aggressive high frequencies.  People that where more in the middle or at the back said that the sound was great, so it all depended where you where standing (and your personal taste). When we played in Veenendaal we played probably with even louder stage volume, but due to the absorption material on the walls and ceiling, it was still a great sound. I talked it over with Colos-Saal, and they are looking in to that, so probably Colos-Saal will soon be the best sounding venue of Germany! We’ll see. Colos-Saal rocks!!
Anyway’s we had a blast. Now we have two weeks off, and then the last one of this first leg of the Sola Scriptura Tour is over. We’ll keep in touch! I loaded 4 hours of videocamera tape into my computer, and when I can find the time, I’ll make some movie clips.
If anyone has pictures, please send them to me! I don’t have a lot of pictures, and would love to recieve them.
Thank you Prog lovin’ guyz ‘n girlz for all your love and support for Neal & Band. Let’s enjoy a lot of nice, progressive music together and build this prog-comunity!
CYA in London or somewhere else!

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