Day 16 - Slow day & photoshoot
02 februari 2012 

Day 16 - Slow day & photoshoot

Today was a kind of slow day. Nothing going on other than that Rich was setting up the mix of New Jerusalem (a long and tedious job, with a lot of waiting).
As I am now staying longer here in LA, and the deadline coming in closer there was one thing that needed to be fixed. And that was my picture for the band-photo. Because we are all spread out over the globe, it is not possible to get together for just a photo (that would be one heck of an expensive picture), so we all will have to make one, and the graphic designer will photoshop us all into one picture. I had somebody booked for that job, although that would not work out anymore, since I’m now here in LA.
Rich told me that his wife had a really good camera and that she was willing to take a picture. So this afternoon we spend some time in getting a picture. It was kind of funny. Here she comes, with this massive, crazy expensive camera…. And the manual. As this was the first time she will use it – and she did not know how. So a quick call to a photographer friend for some basic settings, and the photo-shoot began. The end result was okay, not really high quality, but it had to work, as it was the only thing I was able to arrange in a short time span.
After we where done studio assistant Jeff brought me to the Apple Store, to get my trackpad repaired, since I had only a few days left on my extended warranty, I thought to better get everything out of it. So they checked it out, ordered the parts, and told me to come back on Monday to get the actual repair. Great!
On our way back we scored an In-n-Out burger, as people told me: “when in SoCal you HAVE to get a burger at In-n-Out”. So we ordered a Double-Double Animal Style, and went our way. It was okay, but I had better.
Coming home, I watched some TV, did some work for my music school and wrote in my blog.

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