Day 11 - Mix day 3

This day was filled with more edits and with organizing the remarks made by Daniel & Ted. They had some good ideas and remarks and it is always good to have a few fresh ears listening to the mixes, so we can improve them. We worked until 4pm and then drove to Santa Monica for a night off. Rich, his wife and his daughter went to a party of friends living in Santa Monica, and I came along for the ride. They would drop me off at the boulevard, so I could have some shopping/sight seeing etc. I had a great time on 3rd street. A lot of artists where there performing on the streets, and they where all really good. So it was really fun seeing all these free concerts in the street. I went to an Apple Store there and I bought this beautiful G-Drive Mini 750 Gb, 7200 rpm drive. Gorgeous to see, and fast and reliable. I will use that to make back-ups of all we do. Better safe than sorry!
We closed the day at the Cheese Cake Factory, a nice restaurant and when I came home it was already 2 am or so. Time to catch some sleep.

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